Dear Parents/Guardians


God’s immeasurable mercies has brought us to the end of a successful second term.  We are indeed grateful.

On behalf of management and the entire staff, we wish to thank you immensely for your steadfast partnership with us, your firm support and strict adherence to COVID-19 prevention protocols and the prompt payment of school fees which facilitated the smooth running of the school. Our hope is that, we will enjoy the same partnership in our final term for the 2021 academic year

We shall resume on Monday September 6, 2021 and vacate on Friday December 10, 2021. There shall not be extra classes or holiday care giving.

It is our firm conviction that parents will guide their wards to make judicious use of the holidays and keep our learners continuously busy with their books as well as keeping them safe in this inclement weather.


Akubah Kris Josef

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