Fundamental Principles For Stakeholders


Responsible Conduct by Pupils/Students

The school rules and regulations are designed to state clearly the boundaries of acceptable conduct in school and in society. Enforcement of school rules and regulations are done with the intention of teaching the students to uphold high standards of behaviour. Students are therefore expected to

  • be punctual, attentive, cooperative, diligent and keep a copy of class timetable
  • be polite and refined in manners at all times.
  • greet school staff, visitors and colleagues
  • copy notes/exercises, complete and hand in all assignments on time
  • relate healthily, care for others and keep classroom presentable at all times
  • consume food and snack in the canteen or the classroom in good manners
  • consult the Guidance & Counseling unit with matters of confidentiality for swift attention
  • uphold the law at all times and report students who misbehave or behave suspiciously
  • impress parents and guardians to have a course to pay your fees and buy others materials promptly
  • demonstrate a high sense of civic-mindedness.
  • relate concerns to the teacher
  • Avoid tearing pages from books
  • freely share your opinion at all time – e.g. in class, at assembly and other programs
  • avoid absenteeism without proper permission

Attire & Appearance

  • wear the prescribed school uniform; modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • be tucked in at all times.
  • possessed uniforms must be in good condition and not torn, stained or faded
  • Club or Class T-shirts and other attire may only be worn under specific a request of teachers
  • tattered uniforms, unkempt hair, bad body odour & dirty appearance is punishable
  • wearing beard and or facial hair is not encouraged
  • wearing religious ornaments, amulets, jewellery, beads or make up of any kind

Schedule of Prohibited Items in School

Except Strictly by request of management the following are considered prohibited acts and materials,

  • electronic, entertainment and gaming devices
  • poker cards or tiles
  • pornographic, magical and or poisonous materials
  • tobacco products and alcohol
  • weapons
  • All items that the school deems to be potentially offensive, disruptive or harmful
  • gambling or betting in any form is prohibited
  • vandalising school, public or private property
  • tattoos on any part of the body and painted nails
  • coloured contact lenses are not allowed during instructional hours
  • calling colleagues names either than their true names
  • usage of vulgar or crude language, threatens, bully, annoy or hurt others is punishable
  • disrespect members of staff
  • pilfering
  • illicit relationship between opposite sexes
  • examination malpractices

Staff Responsibilities

Teachers are major stakeholders and the parents of the pupils and students at school; they are therefore tasked with the responsibilities of educating students holistically. Teachers in Great Victory Academy are seen as a programed textbook from which student’s receive superior knowledge. To achieve the goals of the school, teachers shall:

  • adequately prepare teaching notes in advance before honouring lessons
  • be smart, regular and punctual to classes, strictly going by timetable
  • consider concerns of students before lessons commence
  • keep truck of pupil’s progress and give special attention to weak students
  • ensure the approach to teaching is student/pupil centred and examination oriented
  • write out notes/exercises/assignment and mark on time ensuring corrections are done
  • exhibit professional relationship with students, parents and other teachers
  • communicate skillfully for students to learn and also communicate as such
  • carefully encourage, motivate and challenge students to show evidence of what is studied
  • officially assess students performance at the end of each term/year for promotion, commendation & assistance
  • objectively analyze students academic results & conduct for carrier counseling
  • accept true feedback from students and adopt a credible approach to re-teaching
  • make known and submit to management any item seize from students
  • desist from making/receiving calls during lessons

Parent’s Responsibilities

As major stakeholders in the school administration, parents are required to:

  • pay school fees promptly.
  • ensure their wards get to school on time and on timely balanced diet
  • provide all required books for students on or before the academic year/term
  • inspect and supervise homework and projects and sign them for submission
  • regularly check the exercises and notebooks to be sure they are up to date
  • monitor the emotional and health status of pupils as they affect their performance at school
  • identify the weaknesses of their wards for swift attention
  • visit the school/class regularly to update themselves of student’s conduct and performance
  • regulate student’s access to the internet and strictly monitor what they do on line
  • ensure that electronic gadgets are used at home
  • send and pick up their wards to and from school promptly
  • attend PTA regularly to make inputs themselves and not representative by others
  • commend, motivate, empower, guide your wards to become creative thinkers, life-long learners and leaders of change