After nine solid years of vigorous, mind blowing academic activities involving assimilating and regurgitating of facts you’ve gotten a break to reorganize yourselves whiles you wait for your results and admissions. How do you make this short break count personally or even professionally. It’s vital that you use this break wisely to relax and still remain focused on the future. That counts.

*Selflessly offer your support to parents or guardians in their business endeavors such as the markets, food joints, shops or supermarkets that is the family livelyhood. Through this you learn valuable lessons as patience, making friends, confidence, selling and bargaining ethics.

*Make your self available to learn a trade or a vacation when the opportunity comes such as farming, catering services, carpentry, automechanics to develop your potentials and explore your fantasies even if it will require you doing it for free, you might be on your way to unearth your potentials. How about becoming a freelance journalist for a junior journal. Explore any of them with enthusiasm.

*Learn art; it’s an opportune time to bring out the beauty of creation you have always fantasized. The beauty of art is timeless and ageless. It leaves a permanent impression on minds for years to come.

*Attend PRE-SSS classes to place your self ahead of your colleagues in the next level of academic endeavors. You will be amazed at how varied or intricately linked most subjects are when closely compared.

*Do computer literacy classes because the world is IT driven to complement what ever success you Chuck in the near future. Learn to use this IT tools to do research, learn programs etc.
In the nutshell if you get yourself engaged in any of the afforementioned you would have bagged a number of success.

Written by:
Kris Josef Akubah.
GNAPS Chairman.
Bolgatanga Chapter

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